Wednesday, April 29, 2009

something i found on the internet

found this as a comment on a guns and roses vid.......
no offence to anyone.......

You say akon-I say AC/DC
You say britney spears-I say Ozzy Osbourne
You say little wayne- i say Iron Maiden
You say Jonas Brothers-I say Guns & Roses
You say Miley Cyrus-I say LEDZEPPLIN
You say rap-I say ROCK!!!
You say pop-I say just about any rocker that sings better drunk or high
You say hip hop- i say f*ck you

Saturday, April 18, 2009

basketball comp

these are the two teams from molek C:
from left: chang you. shu jye, aaron, and da zi lao(they got second)
heres's my team from left: jian wei, fang zheng, and me(we got forth)

this morning went for a basketball free style competition, managed to get forth place haha...

so happy, first time manged to into the semi-finals of any 3-on-3 competition C:

good performance from both my team mates... thanks a lot guys..

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

change of plans

well, my mum wants me to star on the 4th of may which i think is way too early.
so i asked if there's any later date.... turns out the next intake in sept..

so now i'm trying to find a way into SG..... hope i can somehow find a way than i'll be closer to home and be closer to the one i love C:

and i think i'll feel more at home in SG.....

well i'll just have to see how things turn out....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goodbye to you my trusted friends

well my friends, the time has come to say goodbye. I'm leaving for a place called setapak ,in early May,which is around 8km from KL. My friends whom i'll be leaving behind i just wanna say thanks for the memories i'll really miss you guys a lot, dunno when i'll be back but i'm sure we'll get together when i do. well i guess i'll have to prepare myself to leave a lot of stuff behind, start a new life make new friends, but i'm sure the friends i make there can never be as close as the one's i have here. some of you i've known since i was 7, other have been with me from my 1st day in secondary school, we've play together, cried together, made fun of each other, anoyed each other, done some really stupid stuff together, creeped out in the middle of the night together, helped each other out in times of need, done all the stuff that friends do, some of you guys are like brothers ans sisters to me, i would gladly help any of u guys out anytime.

well since i still have about a month left here lets enjoy each moment we spent together, i'll most likely have a farewell party before i leave, not too sure on that yet. but hey lets not get all sad and just enjoy each moment we have together C:


this song really says all that i wanna say, it really reflects how i feel at the moment, enjoy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Queen - '39

a very nice calming song by the band Queen, written and sang by Queen guitarist Brian May...

this song is from their album 'A Night At the Opera'- which i have C:
fantastic album........ Bohemian Rhapsody is from that album also.....

i love the guitar parts in this song......

Queen - Bohemian rhapsody

one of the greatest songs ever written....

i know it doesn't make much sense but still it's just feels great to listen to...