Thursday, July 31, 2008

What The Hell

What the hell is up with people bailing on me lately?
1st my friend bailed on me last week,
this week theres this AND1 basketball 3v3 competition at Danga Bay on Sunday and guess what?
both my teammates bailed on me!
when we had the MSSD basketball competition i had a slight injury and wasn't really playing that well,
but now my body feels great, i'm playing not that badly and guess what NO TEAMMATES so go play with.
haiz really dunno what to do.........

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fucked up weekend

have you ever planed for something, and really looked forward to caring it out.
planed it so that your it's just perfect, planed it so that your friend and yourself will have a hell lot of fun, then out of the they all bail on you, fucked up right.

well that how i spend my Saturday, sitting all alone cursing all the stupid ppl that bailed on me and decided to go swimming instead, all besides it was his idea to plan that activity in the first place, he wanted to go so much i said ok i'll plan it for you, than he bails on me.... WTF man u dont just bail on a friend like that, i had to go to church on Saturday so i planed it so that i could just finish just in time so that my mum's friend could pick up near by, but i ended up waiting some place far from where i asked her to pick me up from, oh and btw i really dunno why i'm using the F word so much lately, so please forgive me if u find it offensive i really dunno whats wrong with me lately,
and i have a test tomorrow and i'm still just sitting there playing my guitar reading my story book, and relaxing, WTH my trial start in a few months time my SPM is drawing nearer every minute and i'm still so relaxed WTH is wring with me.

i dunno why but why am i surrounded by people that say they have an interest in something, but when it come time to practice and do that thing they bail on you....

i really dunno why i keep repeating the same thing so many times,
maybe it because i'm just so damn pissed at that person.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

here's my friend Josh.... before our group study session on Wednesday we decided to go to this night market near my house we saw lots of cheap....... FOOD....... so we bought a lot of stuff to eat haha....

then Josh found this hat that he liked so he bought it for RM 20.... and being the cam whores that we are we took some pics..........

here's me and Soon Yan......

after that we went to Nick's house for our group study but not before we went to KFC to buy our dinner..... here's Nick and his cheesy wedges..... and below is Wen Wen eating his chicken chop..

Friday, July 11, 2008

ok so here's whats been happening in my life so far.
yesterday me and some friends went around asking people for donation for the St. johns ambulance flag day. even though me and some friends are not a member of St.John we just decided it would be fun so we tag along to help.

so after school we decided to go strait to SJKC Pandan to try our luck, but unfortunately we didn't get the all clear from the principle there, we went to K4(sry i don't really know how to spell it). luckily the guard gave us the green light to go ahead.

when we got there we saw a few other St. johns from another school later my friend told me that they were from Smk Desa Jaya i don't really like that school due to that fact that it was because of them that my schools MSSD basketball gold medal dream was destroyed by them because gangsters from that school caused trouble and the competition had to be canceled. anyway back to the donation thing, me and chang you decided to stand in front of Don Sushi and it turned out very profitable. so after about an hour and a half of standing there we decided to find the others and head home, it was around 6.45pm and we had to leave by 7pm.

once i got home my mum told me that we were going to this Converse sale in Permas, so i invuted chang you and jia hua.

once we got there around 8.30pm and it was going to close at 9pm so i rushed to see some shoes,too bad the sales had already gone on for 2 days i think so all the good stuff was gone :'(
but i found a pair of shoes i liked and here they are.........
hehee very happy that i got this pair...

so all in all i had an awesome Friday.....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

to all my guitar loving friends out there,
i found this web site that has free guitar lessons and other cool stuff.
so if your free just go check it out.

here's the wed site
ok so here's what happened at school today....
during BI class my friend sitting near the window told me that there were a few cops near the fence at the padang behind my school... so being to kepo that i am i went to have a llok for myself..
the cops had this tug of war rope that we used during sports day and were messing around behind.. so i didn't think much about it...

then after school we decided to ask the teachers what was going on..

and would you believe it they told us that there was a dead body behind our school, and the cops came to investigate.

then when i was walking to friends car this reporter came up to me to ask where that body was,
so i'm hoping that i'll be mentioned in tomorrows new paper... hahaha...

the reporter will probably write that a tall, dark, and handsome student told him where the body was.... hahahahaha......

these are a few of my students from std2 class.... haha
i won't be teaching them anymore... *sobs*
yes they were noisy
yes they didnt listen to me at times..
but i'm going to miss teaching them....

aren't they just cute..
i'm in love..........


the boss flanger effect.......

hahaha..... i just went to C&M music store just now.. went with my friend and his dad.
tested a few guitars and the marshell amp.... i fell in love with this santa cruz guitar and the marshell amp and the boss effect.... damn i'll have to save for a really long time to get those things..
haiz... anyone interested in donating money to me so that i can buy them??????