Sunday, June 29, 2008


so i just got back from the confirmation camp mass....
got to meet some friends that i haven't see in awhile...
had a great time chatting with Justin and Mel d and the rest of the 11-13 members..
and i also met up with Clara... too bad didn't get to say goodbye to her
was kinda a good way to end the weekend..
since i've had nothing but bad luck for the past few days.... ISH.....

knowing you care means a lot to me..... so thanks.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

life's boring

i know i haven't posted anything in a long time...
thats is simply because my life so boring at the moment so theres not much to write about.
unless you guys would like to hear about how much my injuries are killing me.

well until something interesting happens i guess i won't be posting anything soon..

what a BORING life i have....... :'(

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

congrats to the Boston Celtics

(Kevin Garnett)

(Paul Pierce)

well folks i think that says it all, the Boston Celtics are NBA champs for the 17th time.
and it was all thanks to that guy Paul Pierce, he was names NBA Finals MVP, and he well deserved it. even with an injured knee he played his heart out, in every single game.Kevin Garnett also played a major role in helping the Celtics win the tittle.

the Celtics beat the LA Lakers on 6 games wining 4-2. i really wanted Kobe and the Lakers to win but thats sports, you can't always win.
the Celtics were the better defencive team and the Lakers gave away a good chance to win at their home court in game 4. i really dunno what went wrong with the Lakers, but no matter, theres always next season.

don't give up Kobe your time will come....

welcoming death

he lay there silently,
thinking of his short lived life,
of all the sweet memories,
all the good times with friends and loved ones,
he thought of his family,
his friends,
he thought of things he wished he'd told them,
but now there was no time left to tell them anything.

as he lay there examining his broken body,
a broken back, broken knees,
a body that has gone through so much,
a body he loved but sadly didn't take care of good enough.

he thought of what he would be leaving behind,
the life he wished he would have had had the chance to live,
he thought of the mistakes he made in life,
the disappointment he caused his loved ones,
the chances he threw away in life,
he wished he could have have a chance to correct all the wrong he made,
but there was no time left.

once the clock struck 12,
there came a knock on his door,
he didn't bother to ask who it was,
for he already knew who his guess was,
the door opened,
a man dressed all in black stood in by his bed,
the man got up and welcomed DEATH with open arms,
so he passed from this world to the next,
sitting in a hall with his ancestors he will look down on the ones he left behind,
and watch over them till they meet again.

Monday, June 16, 2008


well the Lakers were shocked in game 4 they lost at home to the Celtics, but a great team effort in game 5 and we're back in the game, it will be tough to win at Boston but with Kobe playing the way he is i think we still have a great chance to win the tittle..


KOBE!!!!! MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st time teaching

i finally know how hard it is o be a teacher.

i just taught a group of std 2 children Catechisms yesterday, some of them just couldn't sit down they were like running around trowing stuff and doing other kinda stuff that young kids do basically, but it was fun teaching them la. they were all so cute, although some of them couldn't stop talking, they really reminded me of me when i was std 2.

i finally know how my Catechisms teachers must have felt hahahaha.

they were all very very cute, they all kept saying "teacher nigel can i go toilet, can i drink water, how do you read this" damn cute sial.

then the class room only had these kiddy sized chairs, so i had to fit my big butt into one, luckily i didn't break it. hahaha

well i still have two more week of teaching them, maybe i'll take some pictures of my cute students for you guys to see...

Friday, June 13, 2008

first week back

my first week back from the two week break was a living hell.

i had to take a leave of absence due the fact that i got sick on Tuesday,
high fever, the flu, cough, everything all come at once.

i've just been sleeping for more then 10 hours a day.

haiz, i have a bz week coming up and here i am, SICK.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your Answer

once upon a time a girl asked a boy "what is it about me that makes you like me?"

the boy was stunned for a moment, his brain froze he was think of a good answer to hive her because she deserved a very good answer to her question.

a few minutes passed and he still couldn't think of a good enough to give her,
so he just said "everything".

he knew that it was a very lame answer and that the girl deserved a better answer than "everything", but the girl said that it was a good answer.

that night he rolled uneasily in his bed thinking about that stupid answer he gave her. so he thought long and hard about an answer, he still couldn't think of one.

so after a few days he forgot about thinking of an answer and went back to his normal life.

after a few week while he was resting on his bed he suddenly remembered of the question and finally an answer came to his mind, and it went like this,

if a famous musician played a concert specially for me
i would say is"o, that was really nice"
if a Grammy award winning singer were to sing for me
i would say, "thank you that was really nice"
if a academy award winning actors were to do a skit for me
i would say "thank you so much that was really nice"


whenever you play your instrument
all i can do is just stand in awe and be amazed at your musical talent,
whenever i hear you sing
i hear the voice of an angle,
when ever i see you do a skit
i'm just amazed at your talent.


if i were the richest man on earth i would a rich, sad, lonely man,


if you were to say "i'm glad to have a friend like you"
i would be the happiest man on earth.

Monday, June 9, 2008

out time is coming to an end

so comes an end to our schooling days,
five years of fun playing under the sun.

the sun is setting, the candle is nearly out,
our five years of schooling are coming to an end.

as sure as the sun will rise, as sure as the dawn will come,
our friendship will last to the end of time.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Luis Hamilton ruined my day

Luis Hamilton wasn't my favorite F1 driver but at least i respected him as a good driver, i mean to get 2nd place in the world championship in your rookie year is really amazing, but i just watched the Canadian grad prix just now and Hamilton did something really stupid and idiotic, there was a red light at the end of the pit lane which mean u can't exit the pit lane till the safety car bring all the other cars around the track and the exit of pit lane is clear,Kimi Raikonen and Robert Kubica which pitted at the same time with Hamilton were out of their pit box first and were waiting at the red light at the end of the pit lane, and out of the blue come Hamilton speeding towards them thinking that it was a green light at the end of the pit lane, i guess he didn't see that the red light was flashing so he camo crushing into the back of Kimi and took Kimi out the race, it also provided Kubica the chance to take the lead in the world championship.

WHAT THE HELL was Hamilton doing, i know it's only his second yeah in F1 but how could he not see the red light when everyone els could see it????!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a way to end a two week break

the core team from the leadership camp decided to have like a small gathering/movie day kinda thing so we met up at sara's place. my timing was way out so i got there like 20 minutes earlier then i should have. well the rest of da gang arrived around 12++ noon, then we watched ghost hunter for awhile, sara was like so scared she would see some freaky ghost or something and jack was trying to scare her.. haha

i sucked at kept getting caught by after that we decided to watch meet the Spartans then her parents came back so we paused it and pretended to watch the astro... hahahaha because meet the spartans was abit how to say obscene hahahaha...... so we got bored of that and decided to play games so we payed this killing game whicjjackson haiz....then got got bored of that too so we played truth or dare that didnt last long either so we switched back to the killing game...

then it was time for tea, we had mi siam and fried tapioca, nick was so scared of the dog that he thought that jack's leg was the dog and banged his leg on the table which made us all laugh...

so we after we had our fill we went back to play the killing game, soon after we changed to this game with action and stuff dont really know how to describe it....

then we play a game where u had to use a word or phrase and put it into different sentences and try to make peopel laugh... jack kept laughing at everything hahaha was damn funny..

so around 5.30 or so everyone had to leave. it was pouring outside so sara had to send everyone off with an umbrella. me and tracy took a cab back to my place and waited for her mum to come get her...

o and btw sara was a great host even though she was sick.... thanks sara for letting us use your place hope it wasn't too much trouble....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

love for the sport

when you love a sport so much that you are willing train as hard as you can to improve and spend every waking hour to try and get better at that sport, every hour trying to find ways to improve your game, that's when you know you truly love that sport...

i spent half a year training for just so that this year i could win a gold medal in basketball, i trained very hard i put my heart and soul into my training i tried to do as my team captain told us me to do, do every play he said to perfection.

i know i might not have been the best on the team but i really tried to contribute how i could.

for six months i trained to accomplish a dream i had since the day i started playing the sport, win a gold medal.

i went into the competition with high spirits, knowing that this was my time to show my friends that i could play the game well as anyone on the team...

but what happened stupid coach made me sit the bench for about 98% of each game... whats more i even got injured and may have to stop playing the game for a few months,F***** pissed wei...haiz